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Athos Capital Advisors brings institutional endowment and foundation expertise across traditional and alternative asset classes to individual portfolios. We are focused on generating outstanding returns while minimizing risk and volatility.  We create highly specialized investment portfolios and individualized financial plans for our select clientele.

Asset Allocation

Athos Capital Advisors applies the same rigor demanded by the world’s largest institutional investors when crafting the appropriate asset allocation for each individual portfolio. Determining the proper asset allocation is the first step in creating highly personalized investment portfolios for clients.

Investment Research

Informational advantage is everything when investing, and with that in mind, it is what we do — every day and for every client — at Athos Capital Advisors. We are a research-intensive firm, focusing on economic, geopolitical, and financial trends and events. As a capital allocator, we utilize our purview to uncover best-in-class opportunities across the financial universe.

Portfolio Construction

Athos Capital Advisors creates highly specialized portfolios tailored to each client. Being 100% independent and employee-owned gives us the freedom to wholly and fully align with our clients’ desires and goals to select only the best investments for them. Athos combines expertise in Asset Allocation and Investment Selection to produce superior investment outcomes and risk-adjusted returns for our clients, while actively and vigorously monitoring portfolio specifics.

Performance Review

Ongoing performance tracking is essential for analyzing portfolio results. At Athos Capital Advisors we provide each client — big or small — with continued transparent reporting throughout our financial relationship. All portfolios are benchmarked and tracked so that performance is straightforward and understandable to those who place their trust in us.

Ask Us About Our Athos Capital Global Equities Fund

15-20 ultra high-quality, dividend-growth, stocks with a focus on the long term & being highly tax efficient

Investment Selection

  • Public Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Venture Capital
Henry is a huge asset and necessity for anyone looking to truly understand and grow their financial portfolio. His background has given him a unique understanding of equities and markets at large. Because he’s independent, he’s also able to craft a personal portfolio, that makes the most sense for you, regardless of where you are in your professional career (early on or late-stage/retired). He loves this stuff, and it’s always a pleasure to talk shop and work with him! Highly recommend.
Chris K.

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