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Athos Capital Advisors was founded with the mission of bringing institutional investment advice and financial planning to individual and high net worth investors. Athos Capital founder and president, Henry Miketa, began his career working for one of the world’s premier investment advisory firms, advising some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated endowments, foundations, and family offices. Athos Capital brings the same level of expertise and service demanded by the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors and delivers that level of investment service to individual clients.

Our goal is much like your goal: Deliver superior investment performance and tailored financial planning, so that you can reach your financial goals and live the life you have always dreamt of.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

– Warren Buffett

Institutional investment management, and financial planning in the spirit of the Yale Endowment model.


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Our mission is to help individual investors reach the financial future they desire.  Through financial planning and personally tailored investment portfolios we work with clients over the long term to achieve their goals.  Our focus is on creating investment strategies to maximize returns and minimize risk within a framework designed to serve our clients.

We deliver institutional-level advice and service at lower fees. We have spent our entire careers working for some of the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors with access to the world’s best hedge funds and private equity.

We bring that same level of expertise to your portfolio. We are passionate about helping our clients and obsess over every detail necessary to achieve what is in their best interests.

Working with Henry and the team at Athos Capital Advisors has truly been a pleasure. Our portfolio was being mismanaged by an advisor at a large Wall Street firm who did not care about us and our performance showed. Since Henry took over the portfolio nearly 5 years ago our portfolio performance has exceeded our expectations and for the first time ever we feel financially secure and comfortable as we near retirement. Contact Henry today, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!
Lee M.

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The View From Mount Athos – 2021 Outlook

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