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Our client’s best interests are at the heart of
everything Athos Capital does. We bring the same level of expertise, exhaustive research, and exceptional service demanded by the world’s leading endowments, foundations, and family offices, and deliver that level of investment knowledge and service to individual clients.

Our Approach

  • Client Focused
  • Outstanding Service
  • Long-term Relationships
  • Total Independence – Unwavering Client Dedication
  • Superior Investment Performance
  • Fee-Based for Unbiased Advice
  • 100% Employee Owned
  • Highly Tax Aware & Efficient

About Me

Welcome to Athos Capital Advisors.  My name is Henry Miketa and I’m the founder and president of Athos Capital.  Thanks for visiting our website where I hope you will find my writing and research helpful and insightful.  I started Athos Capital to serve a select group of clients who are focused on building and maintaining wealth over the long term.  I started my career working for a large institutional investment firm allocating large pools of capital for endowments, foundations, and family offices.  My day to day used to consist of meeting and interviewing the leading money managers in the world, evaluating each strategy and selecting those best suited for our clients.  Along the way I’ve been extremely fortunate to have some incredible mentors and have had the chance to get to know many of the world’s top investors across the world of hedge funds and private equity.  I continue that practice today in an effort to uncover the best investments for our clients at Athos Capital Advisors.  

Sophisticated institutional investors do things in a very different way and they get drastically different service and performance.  Individual and high net worth investors who work with financial advisors, even at the large banking and brokerage firms, usually get underwhelming performance as they are moved into investment products and portfolios that are not optimal.  My mission with Athos Capital is to bring the same approach practiced by the leading endowment and foundation investors to our clients.

Who we Serve – Our Clients

At Athos Capital we are focused on serving a select client base of individual and high net worth investors.  Our clients span the age spectrum and each client has a portfolio specifically tailored to their needs.  

Our Investing Framework & Principles

Everything starts with developing a financial plan and then creating an investment strategy around that.  Crafting the optimal asset allocation is the first step in designing a portfolio and investment strategy that will succeed over the long term.  Just like the most sophisticated endowments and foundations, every client we work with has an investment policy statement which outlines the portfolio objectives and asset allocation targets and we rigorously track this over time.  The blend between equities, fixed income, cash, and alternative asset classes drives the majority of investor returns over the long term.  Importantly the asset allocation decision also determines portfolio risk and volatility (see our article The Athos Capital Financial Planning and Investment Strategy Introduction).

From there we create a highly personalized portfolio with unique access to the best parts of the stock market.  Much of the stock market is not productive and produces poor returns.  By focusing on the areas of the market that generate outstanding returns we can create portfolios that generate significant alpha over time.

The Athos Capital approach emphasizes high quality assets that you can hold through the inevitable periods of market turbulence.  Depending on the client, we create portfolios that generate high levels of income and lower risk as well as growth oriented portfolios to maximize returns over longer time periods.  Expertise across asset classes allows us to create robust portfolios that span more than just the stock market for our clients.

At the end of the day everything we do is grounded in working with people we trust.  We are a true fiduciary investment advisor.  We care about nothing other than serving our clients and thus allocate capital according.  Whether it be to mutual funds and hedge funds or individual securities, we always focus on the qualitative as well as the quantitative aspects of our investments.  We are 100% independent and that allows us to avoid many of the conflicts of interest common across the industry.  To us being a fiduciary is critically important.  We care about only one thing and that is: serving our clients and compounding their capital at high rates over long time periods.

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We are a research focused firm and publish our research regularly.  Check out our latest research and writing and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.  We would love to hear from you.

Meet Our Team

Henry A. Miketa

President & Founder

Henry is the Founder and President of Athos Capital.  He is responsible for all investment decisions, client relationships, and strategic direction of the company.  Henry started his career at Monticello Associates, a leading institutional investment firm with over $100 billion in assets under advisement, where he worked in US Equity and Hedge Fund research. 

Henry subsequently spent two years working in real estate private equity in Los Angeles.  Mr. Miketa holds an Master degree in Finance and a BA in Global Political Economy with a minor in Chinese (Mandarin) from the University of Denver and was a member of the Division I men’s lacrosse team that went to the 2011 NCAA Final Four.  Henry lives in Los Angeles where he is an avid golfer, cyclist, tennis player, and hiker.

Michael J. Merrill


Michael is responsible for all operational aspects of Athos Capital. He leads portfolio analysis and reporting as well as all accounting functions and is also involved in quantitative investment research. Michael started his career at OtterBox where he served in a variety of finance and data analytics roles. During his ten years at Otterbox, the company grew from several million in revenue to over $1 billion. Most recently Michael worked at TD Ameritrade where he led data analytics for the executive team.

Given the difficulties in timing markets and the challenges of security selection, such behavior provides a rational foundation for investment management. By avoiding extreme allocation shifts and holding diversified portfolios, investors cause asset allocation to account for the largest share of portfolio returns.
Earlier this year I took the plunge into the stock market. Investing with Athos has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Henry’s knowledge of everything finance gives me great faith in the security of my money. In this highly volatile time, Henry’s approach to investing is thoughtful and measured. He doesn’t promise unrealistic profits or get rich quick investing. He puts money to work in a smart and diligent way. Henry also takes the time to explain his thinking and is always up for a chat. I look forward to my relationship with Athos Capital for many years to come.
Cameron W.

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